Top Ten Bookish Settings I’d Love to Visit

This Top Ten Tuesday challenge is from The Broke and the Bookish ❤ If I had the amazing chance to live in a fictitious universe, here’s where I’d go…

1. The moors in Wuthering Heights

Roaming wild with Cathy and Heathcliff. This activity automatically makes you a passionate and wayward person. Soulmates make sense to me ❤


2. Heaven and Hell in Paradise Lost

This one’s intense, “a burning lake, thunder-struck and astonished,” but an epic of angels, their destruction, the Prince of Hell in the gloomy deep; it would be a holy experience. Plus, it would be better to live out Paradise Lost instead of reading it, because that book is grueling. My God, half the reading is looking down at the footnotes! But the imagery and diction are magnificent.

3. India in Autobiography of a Yogi

I’ve got to do a review on this one, because it’s mind-bending; Paramahansa Yogananda takes you back to 19th/20th century India, where true yogis live like spirits.  Even though I don’t entirely believe in the book’s philosophy, it would be amazing to meet the gurus and meditate at a saint’s feet.


4. Paris, France in Madeline

Because imagine the world looking like this! Fancy and innocent.

5. Wonderland in Alice in Wonderland

All of the best people are mad. They sit with you in the dark, and they never run away from what’s inside their heads.


6. Georgia in The Walking Dead

Technically a comic book, technically suicidal, but Daryl’s there. And Carol. And Rick. I will be their friend and learn to kick zombie arse.


7. The little boat in Frankenstein

There is a scene where Victor is lying on his back, alone, in a boat; when I think of peace, that is where it is.

“The scene was perfectly solitary: a few boats were returning towards land, but I sailed away from them…At one time the moon, which had before been clear, was suddenly overspread by a thick cloud, and I took advantage of the moment of darkness, and cast my basket into the sea: I listened to the gurgling sound as it sunk, and then sailed away from the spot…(and I) stretched myself at the bottom of the boat.”

8. Culver Creek in Looking for Alaska

I’ll be in Alaska’s room, reading.

9. Thornfield Hall in Jane Eyre

So I can stalk Jane (mon love!). It’s a Gothic estate, of course I’m in.


10. Fair Verona where we lay our scene in Romeo and Juliet

Thumb biting. I must go where they understand me.

Are you coming with me to any of these bookish settings? Share in the comments!!!



8 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Settings I’d Love to Visit

  1. sosobooks100 says:

    Oof, I have to give you credit. This was an awfully ORIGINAL list!!! Heaven and Hell is a fantastic choice, and I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the yoga book because my mother was reading it for her workshop and she was dragging over it. She doesn’t like assigned reading and she was definitely struggling with that one, no matter how good it truly must be. I CANNOT believe someone else has read that book! LMAO

    My TTT:


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