Top Ten Tuesday/ books I’m forsaking because I’m unpleasant + 300 followers???

This top 10 tuesday @ that artsy reader girl was terrible to do at first, to just realize the spark was dead between me and these books. BOOK FEELINGS WERE definitely HURT. But I’m a mood reader so it was also very liberating.|no book was entirely safe|

& also I am extremely grateful and excited and in shock to have 300 followers??????????? 300?????? it’s actually very surreal, when surprising/amazing things happen it’s hard to process them as reality??? YOU ARE ASTONISHING thank you so much ❤ ❤ ❤





Books I’ve decided I’m no longer interested in reading


1. “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng

Mysterious secrets and suburban drama in OHIO (-*my*home*state*-). I was honestly just going to read this because it takes place in Ohio and that has never happened????? Well maybe in LeBron James’ or the Cleveland Torso Murder’s nonfiction, but as far as I know Ohio is the rarest possible fiction bird. But sadly “Little Fires Everything” doesn’t have a strong enough premise to draw me in anymore.


2. “Everything I Never Told You” by Celeste Ng

oh my this looks like I have something against Celeste Ng’s writing style but actually it’s just another failed premise.


I wish this book didn’t feel too domestic-drama-esque.


3. “The You I’ve Never Known” by Ellen Hopkins

I’m not familiar with Ellen Hopkins, but I know she’s popular and writes on dark themes and I love books like that, but this book is 590 pgs and I’m not sure the plot will withstand that length???

It’s basically about one pregnant teen with an abusive mother and another girl who (maybe?) was kidnapped by her dad as a child and now her mom is back and wants to bring all of that up.

my Goodreads friends’ reviews are extraordinarily mixed, ranging from 1 star to 5, so I’m going safe and just not trying.


4. “These Broken Stars” by Amie Kaufman

A spaceship crashes into a random planet leaving just two survivors, literally the richest girl “IN THE UNIVERSE” (my god?????) and a poor boy. WAIT WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE????

I compulsively compare this to Carswell and Cress and nothing will ever be Carswell and Cress.

and I was hoping for ONE BOOK that didn’t go there with romance. I love romance very much, but for the love of God let the boy and girl JUST be best friends ONCE????? I will swear until I’m dead, there are not enough books representing platonic relationships that are as strong or stronger than romance.


5. “Scarlet” by AC Gaughen

I forget how this came to be on my TBR, but it’s basically Robin Hood/girl-disguised-as-boy because that’s not old.


6. “Everless” by Sara Holland

In this universe, life serves as currency and you can extract time from another person’s life to add to your own. But I’ve heard it’s low quality and predictable.


“…(she) finds her heart torn between two people she thought she’d never see again.


*exasperated pause because I’ve been too exposed to love triangles*


7. “Nice Try, Jane Sinner” by Lianne Oelke

It’s not that I’m no longer interested, it’s just that TWO libraries in my area don’t carry this book. not one. but two. what could this possible mean??????? I feel superstitious when libraries don’t have something.

but it’s all about YA depression and dry humor so perchance one day more


8. “Caraval” by Stephanie Garber

“ohmigod, i have to save meh sister”

She went outside and look what happened. read books instead you little sheet.


9. “Mask of Shadows” by Linsey Miller

bloggers/reviewers I dearly respect gave this 2 stars and I’m going to blindly trust them.


10. “Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell

it sounds too adorable??? is my heart really that befouled??? The lead sounds like a girl I can relate to FOR ALL TIME as a hardcore fan and she’s even in college???????? but I feel like I’m otherwise interested just because everyone else has read it and I don’t want to be that person 2018.

But not even Klingons can stop me from reading Carry On!!!! SO EXCITED FOR CARRY ON


have you read any of these books??? am I making hasty decisions?

dlfkya + classic books.PNG

31 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday/ books I’m forsaking because I’m unpleasant + 300 followers???

  1. I liked Caraval but it didn’t necessarily wowed me. I am curious about the sequel though, haha. I have Fangirl on my TBR! I’ve been meaning to buy Carry On as well but.. Like.. I first want to read Fangirl and then Carry On? I don’t know. I don’t really care that pretty much the entire world has already read it and I haven’t, haha. I’ll do so in my own time. 😛

    Congratz on the followers! 😀

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    1. tysm kathy!!!!!!! ❤ when i first started reading " carry on" i felt like i should have read fangirl first, because i'm pretty sure it introduces you to Simon Snow's world a little and "Carry On" starts so abruptly?? but I was up until 1 am last night I couldn't put down this book???????? *****I no longer care about the human population i just need more simon snow and baz*****

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      1. Ooooh boy. Well, that makes me want to buy Carry On just in case I feel like jumping right into it when I’ve read Fangirl.. Darn you! Like.. I just promised my boyfriend yesterday I was going to stop buying books for a little while.. [Pretty sure little while doesn’t equal one day.. :’D]

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  2. I started the audiobook for Fangirl a couple days ago, and meh, I’m not sure if I’m going to continue with it. This is my first book by this author and I feel like I made a mistake starting with it, because nearly everyone I know is obsessed with Rowell, and I’m sitting here bored out of my mind.

    Lauren @

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    1. one of the only reasons I want to read fangirl is because I love “carry on” so much, I’ll be so devastated if fangirl sucks because I ADORE “Carry On” CHARACTERS 😀 but I’m glad I didn’t start with it just in case it does for me too, I might never have tried “Carry On”???? tysm for reading


    1. *freezes in shock????* ANOTHER OHIOAN??? We are rare in the blogosphere c:
      and I so much agree now that I’ve been reading Carry On by Rainbow and I’ve fallen in love with her writing style ❤ i judged the premise too quickly *shuffles away with guilt*

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  3. #1 & 2 – I have no interest in reading Celeste Ng’s books, I guess they’re not for me.

    #8 – no plans on reading this book ever, if you have read some of the negative reviews, you will be put off completely

    #10 – read it, thought it was boring but cute cover and I even got the special pink cover too, sad but I gave that book away.

    have a lovely day.

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  4. I’m not sure if that Ellen Hopkins book is per her usual format, but she mostly writes books in verse, so the 590 pages might be misleading as some pages probably have less than 20 words on them. I have heard mixed things about that particular book though. Some of her earlier works were faves of mine.

    Hahaha, Carry On made my list this week. I just loved Fangirl so much (YOU SHOULD SO READ THAT), that I didn’t think I needed the fanfic??? or something.

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    1. really good information about Ellen Hopkins!!! now the 590 pgs doesn’t sound as much for sure, tysm!!! and I think I need to read fangirl too now, so many people have said it’s actually REALLY GOOD, I thought it might be too fluffy but now maybe that’s fine bc it’s going to be so good??? 😀


  5. Congrats on the 300 followers!! Here’s to many more milestones to come! 😀
    As far as the books go, I am so sad you put Fangirl on there. It’s never too late to read it. Backlisted books are all the rage right now! But I don’t want to pressure you hahaha you do you!

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    1. AWW TYSM ❤ and I'm reading Carry On right now, and the writing is so amazing I'm starting to think I made a mistake??? and apparently Simon Snow is in Fangirl, so I think I'm already regretting being so quick to think fangirl would be too wholesome haha 😀

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