this is like Six of Crows how should I feel?????/ “Ace of Shades” Blog Tour


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I was so excited to do the Ace of Shades blog tour with The Fantastic Flying Book Club because I’ve seen some hype for this book and the premise sounded amazing??????

I was also worried because so many people were comparing it to “Six of Crows” by Leigh Bardugo, and officially NOTHING will ever be the Dregs and I didn’t want a knock-off soc. PASS. I AM PSYCHOTICALLY PROTECTIVE, GO HOME.

but I was joyously surprised because this book has a unique aesthetic and has managed to separate itself from SOC in my mind which was HARD. SOC is better always. but this book was good too???????


“Ace of Shades (The Shadow Game #1)” by Amanda Foody

4 of 5.PNG

Pg count: 416 pgs

Genre: YA Fantasy

Pub. April 10, 2018

Harlequin Teen



Enne Salta lives in this old-fashioned world (there’s cars, basic phones, subways, smog, skyscrapers, no internet) where everyone is born with two “talents,” one from each parent. The stronger talent is known as your blood talent, the recessive is called the split talent. Your talents are either Talents of Aptitude (like dancing or arithmetic, boring, anyone can learn these eventually) or Talent of Mysteries (I.E MAGIC). These talents were SO COOL, some people had literal powers of seduction or could detect every lie, it was so imaginative and I loved it.

Also, the currency is electricity???? You can carry it in your skin, or in orbs, and just….sldkjskljds how different?????

When her mother goes missing it’s up to Enne to go into the City of Sin and see about it. Under the influence of teenage gang lord Levi Glaisyer, sweet precious proper Enne gets. that. job. done.


Untitled design-1


The plot was fascinating???? a HUGE theme is card playing, gambling, and all that symbolizes, and whenever a gang member approaches or addresses his Lord he or she has to cross her heart????? And when you swear yourself to a Lord it’s a physical bind and it’s physically painful to act in any way against your Lord. BAD*SS kdsfjlskjlds I was so impressed. the aesthetic just washes over oneself and it’s immersive.

I also loved the friendships????? Levi (who is bisexual btw & yyyyes rep) is really close to to his best friend Jac, who was a drug addict, and they always pull each other out of dark places like that which I was just. bye. establishing goals. Also Levi is close to another gang Lord, Reymond, who is gay and very much Levi’s big scary protective brother. Also Levi isn’t a white male, he has a darker skin and I was so happy to have him as a MC.


Untitled design-1.jpg


THEN Enne is introduced to the scene and she and Levi build such a close bond????? Lovers or not, they are friends and loyal partners and that MATTERS & is precious.

AND MY DEAR BLESSED Enne develops as a person tremendously????????? SHE IS FRIGHTENING. SHE IS UNDER YOUR BED WAITING TO SNATCH YOUR ANKLE. She starts as this sweet feminine girl and by the end??? BY THE FLETCHING END???? I refuse to give any spoilers. but even Levi is afraid of her. LEVI THE NOTORIOUS GANG LORD.

and quick language geek moment. instead of saying “acquainted” their dialect omits the ‘n’ and it’s just “acquain’ed”….Β  that dialect, my oh myyyyy. And Levi has this thing where he says “we need to talk, you and I.” or “we have a partnership, you and I

it’s okay I am composed.




Untitled design-2

the thing about this book is……as much as you WANT to not compare it to glorious masterpiece Six of Crows……you just……have no choice. Inej Enne is an acrobat. Kaz Levi wants money power and glory. Nina Enne loves cookies and can eat like 12 without shame (MY GIRLLLL). The vibes are just so similar it’s easy to start comparing, and then it’s like fake money v. real money and you feel despairrrrr because KAZ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. But if you can keep the two worlds separate it’s a lovely book. but it’s hard to do these tremendous things.

Also it was slightly cheesy that everyone kept saying “mucking” as a euphemism? It almost ruined the immersion, I mean, if you don’t want our leetle gangsters to swear just just don’t use any swearing. these are gang Lords who stab people. you can’t stab someone and then say, “muck it all, I’ve done a mucking bad thing.” That might be cute for one character, that one special psychopath who is just so adorable & doesn’t care. HOWEVER. It seemed like the author just didn’t want to expose our innocent souls to certain language. THAT ship has sailed.



Overall I really liked this book and I can’t wait to finish the series. I’m mainly staying for Enne, she has made SO MUCH progress and she has this entirely new exciting life and I love her *****SPECIAL****** NEW FRIEND LOLA. their relationship is going to grow up so strong & i’m ready for it. do I ship them yes.

Do you think you shall like this book? Can you look past the Six of Crows similarities??? (ps they are striking.)

(aesthetic images from Tumblr)



Flower Bouquet 2

18 thoughts on “this is like Six of Crows how should I feel?????/ “Ace of Shades” Blog Tour

  1. emmareadstoomuch says:

    this is a great review!! it kind of sounds like harry potter vs carry on… carry on was so much like HP and it was fun if you could keep it separate but also how do you keep it separate.

    anyway!! i am probably going to check this out?? thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jalynn says:

    this book sounds so great! it’s one of my must-reads for 2018 and i’m beyond excited for it to come out! all the representation makes it even better because i didn’t think it would be there!

    Liked by 1 person

    • malanielovesfiction says:

      I was so worried too bc how can I possibly compare anything to KAZZ, my poor and terrifying precious boy???????? that would not be kim possible. ever.
      but it turns out I’m in love with enne, she made the story so worth it?????? πŸ˜€


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, I published my review for this today, too! Great mind think alike πŸ˜‚ It was HARD not to compare this to Six of Crows! But I think it’s a pretty great story on it’s own. Also, the setting! I loved the realness of the city.
    Ahem, Mucking. Mucking. Mucking. Too much mucking. πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

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