BOOK REVIEW: The Wicker King (such a precious love story one of my new favorites??) ft. characters who own my heart

Flower Bouquet 2

wicker king



305 pages

Genre: Psychological Thriller About Friendship + LGBT

Pub. 2017

Flower Bouquet 2


The unique characters????

Their relationship???

The lush setting, creepy af aesthetic, and **louder for the people in the back** PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER???
this book was just so clever i’m so proud

2 stars

When August’s best friend *the love of his life* Jack starts having hallucinations, August takes care of him and tries to help him and it’s just the SWEETEST, MORE HORRIFYING THING.

Without any help from any adults (because these poor teenagers are seriously neglected) can they make August better? How far will they have to go to fix him?

August is slowly losing his mind as he tries to keep Jack form losing his, and their love is so pure but tragic????????

my favorite moonbeams.

excuse me while I weep.

Untitled design-3

My favorite thing about this book is the relationship between the characters DEAR GOD.

But I know many reader think their relationship is toxic and it’s shocking and unhealthy, which I can see, BUT my interpretation:

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the their relationship itself.. August and Jack would do anything for each other, they are each precious to the other and take care of each other (OH MY GOSHHH WHEN THEY MAKE SURE THE OTHER IS EATING AND SLEEPING AND BEING OKKK IT BRINGS ME LIFE) and overall they find *belonging* together which I just adored.


The problem in their relationship is in the hallucinations which (they think) bind them.

Their self-esteems are sadly low, so each low-key believes they can best maintain the relationship by enabling the (destructive) hallucinations. Which is what makes the story very dark.

But their ADORABLE love + protectiveness + attachment redeems the story with fluff because WE know it’s not about the freaky illusions, because they are loved just for being themselves (which they deserve sm)


Flower Bouquet 2

SUMMARY: enabling your best friend’s hallucinations is not healthy.

summary: Loving your best friend more than anything and taking care of him and protecting him = how to turn malanie into pure sparkly adoration

These boys deserved better support so they could have gone and asked for help????

You know. Like parents. *disappointed side-eye*

Also I adore the setting, I mean it’s early 2000s and there’s arson and entire pages featuring August’s police report + ultimate playlist.

**********just read this book you deserve happiness.************

Flower Bouquet 2


I love how most of this book the boys’ relationship is a v v v deep friendship. You can tell both of them WANT to be romantic, but the hallucinations get in the way of things. But you know how much I love friendships slkdjfsl

2 stars



  1. He’s a pure literature nerd. And he refuses to read classics ‘just to read them’, he actually takes books v seriously thank you.
  2. Simultaneously doesn’t care about fitting in.
  3. But he can’t help but be cool and go to mosh pits and just stand against the wall, being aesthetic
  4. He’s a badass.
  5. He is fiercely loyal and devoted and takes care of the special few people he loves.
  6. I want to be him when I ascend into a higher form.
matt dillon 80s GIF

^ probably thinking about Jack

His voice is just so HILARIOUS and DONE and SMARTCOOL i’m inventing words for him he’s unafraid to be vulnerable I’m so in love.

So precious I’m devvvotteedddddd.

Flower Bouquet 2


  1. Smol bean
  2. Loves August more than anything in this world.
  3. Makes sure August has snacks.
  4. Even in the depths of madness he still nurtures his boy.
  5. Has a lot of problems at home, and sobs frequently and makes me sad.
  6. Is just so adorable I cannot speak.
  7. Tries his best and just wants his best friend to be happy.

sad the beatles GIF

Untitled design-2

My favorite quote maybe of all time:

“It’s not weird. It’s just…unusual. And even then, just because it’s unusual doesn’t automatically make it bad. You of all people should understand that.”

What do you think August and Jack???? What a book you loved but was reallllyyy dark but also v fluffy????

Can we have a moment to acknowledge young McDreamy Pretty.


K Ancrum is writing another book for 2019. GAYS IN SPACE. WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED.


Flower Bouquet 2

a list of cages


14 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: The Wicker King (such a precious love story one of my new favorites??) ft. characters who own my heart

  1. Marie says:

    What an incredible review, I always love checking out your review and when you talk about books when you love them, it’s just filled with fangirling and FEELINGS and makes me want to read all the books. I’ll have to check out this one for sure! πŸ˜€


  2. Kat Impossible says:

    I’ve seen the book in a store once, but I wasn’t able to get it at the time. It’s still only on my wishlist, but your review really makes me want to get it ASAP. (*sigh* still so much on my physical TBR to get to before) Also, I have a thing for characters named August and I have no idea why hahaha


  3. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    I love your review for this book Malanie, and you’ve actually convinced me to add The Wicker King to my TBR list. The relationship between August and Jack sounds complicated, not gonna lie (the “enabling your best friend’s hallucinations is not healthy” line made me laugh a little), and kind of heartbreaking already so I hope I’m not setting myself up for a book that will have me sobbing on my train journey home.
    Great review, πŸ™‚ ❀


  4. Winged Cynic says:

    “enabling your best friend’s hallucinations is not healthy.” hahaha I’ll say XD Love this review! You always have a way of making books sound amazing to me. Great review! πŸ˜€


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