Top 5 (brilliant) First Lines

This week’s top five w Bionic Bookworm is so exciting because first lines are everything to me, especially once I’ve fallen in love with a book and then I go back to the beginning and and and THE MAGIC. THE FIRST LINE THAT STARTED IT ALL?????


Flower Bouquet 2


“All this happened, more or less.”


SO CLEVER, so shady, so HUMAN???

wicker king

“They were thirteen the first time they broke into the toy factory”

The Wicker King by K Ancrum

The Wicker King is so intense and dark and early 2000s. This line basically sums up the book’s entire vibe, how unguarded and terrible and beautiful they are i just love them


“Mother died today. Or maybe yesterday; I can’t be sure.”

The Stranger by Albert Camus

This book was so…soulless??? It was stark and the main character was unlike any I’ve ever read, just look at the very first thing he has to say??? He’s here and he doesn’t even try to be nice. Indifferent but weirdly comforting af.

am I using a gif bc the actual cover is terrible of course not how dare you

“Ox was twelve when his daddy taught him a very valuable lesson. He said that Ox wasn’t worth anything and people would never understand him. Then he left.”

Wolfsong by TJ Klune



Oxnard is such a sweetheart THEN you read this line and IT BREAKS ME. He grows so much from the first line to the last line.

I’m just proud of this innocent daffodil.

“Neil Josten let his cigarette burn to the filter without taking a drag.”

Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic

neil is just so beautiful


his mysterious coolness + angst just caused at least three miracles somewhere in the world.

(i’m constantly worried about Neil.)

Flower Bouquet 2

What are your favorite first lines and isn’t it wonderful to just look at them fondly??

& 500 followers?? wowwowoowww

I just love all my book humans who are so nice and hilarious and smart????

& 2nd Annual Book Blogging Awards. what is is sorcery?? I was nominated for Best Adult Blogger and Best YA Genre and sdjlddkjs SO SWEEETTTTT WHATTT OH MY GOSH.

I think I should celebrate maybe by reading another TJ Klune.


a list of cages


47 thoughts on “Top 5 (brilliant) First Lines

  1. Louise@DragonspireUK says:

    Congratulations on 500 followers 🙂
    The best first line I’ve read recently is ‘On the morning we are to leave for our Grand Tour of the Continent, I wake in bed beside Percy.’
    I don’t think I need to say where it’s from ❤

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  2. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    Oh congrats on reaching 500 followers Malanie, that’s amazing but I’m sure before too long you’ll have many many more than that as well! 😀
    These are also some brilliant first lines you’ve picked. I love how if a first line is done well it hooks you from the get-go. One of my favourites, and a first line that really really hooked me was from Last Seen Leaving; “There was a corpse in my neighbour’s front yard.”
    Great post. 🙂 ❤

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  3. Birdie says:

    I almost included Ox on my list too! I just wanted to post more than one line, but everything I wanted to include was too long! That whole beginning scene with him and his pos father broke my darn heart!

    Liked by 1 person

          • Birdie says:

            I had to go peep out your Goodreads shelf to see when you read Wolfsong, because I thought I’d mentioned you should try it on last weeks T5T. You finished just in time to read Ravensong when its released! If you’re looking for another Klune rec, How to be a Normal Person is all kids of cute, romantic, awkward and hilarious. More romantic comedy, and light and fluffy but another favorite.

            Liked by 1 person

            • malanielovesfiction says:

              sdkjskds i’m so obsessed with Wolfsong!!! directly after you mentioned it I went and bought it and already I want to reread oh god
              stupid july won’t come fast enough
              i’m going to have to check out Normal Person,,, I love fluff and awkward romance sm xD have you read Burn?? It seems good but it’s been out since 2012??? and still no sequel???? so idk if it maybe was a bust, but IT SOUNDS AMAZING. but it’s tj klune so of course c:


              • Birdie says:

                I haven’t read Burn, but only because, due to it not being well received and not generating enough money for an indie author, he’s decided to not continue the series. It ends on a huge cliffhanger, and without relief in sight I don’t want to do that to myself. That’s also true of my other favorite TJ Klune books (Withered + Sere) but at least those didn’t end on a cliffhanger and feel complete.

                However! On the happy note, you have the entire At First Sight series, which is hilarious and adorable contemporary, the entire Verania series which is hilarious and campy epic fantasy, and if you like sad you can read Olive Juice, and if you like Sci-Fi there’s Murmuration!

                I’ve read almost all of his books now, and I’ve given all of them 3 or more stars. Most are 4-5 stars.


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