BOOK REVIEW | This Is Kind of an Epic Love Story ft. SO MUCH REP I’M CRYING

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epic love story

lvoe story

3 stars

Pub October 30 2018

304 pages


3 BouquetI’m so excited for this book to be released because there is rep for for so many people and I’m so in love????

  • Our MC, Nate, is a queer PoC
  • His boyfriend, Ollie, is deaf/HoH, because when we demanded rep, WE GOT OUR LOVELY REP.
  • Nate takes time to learn ASL so he can talk to his best friend/boyfriend and what can I possibly say about how sweet this is?????

3 BouquetAnd the ASL isn’t just brushed over, as in “he said this to me in ASL”,,,it’s actually described, in detail, their hand movements and facial expressions as they use the language. WHICH WAS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE FOR ME?????

Another really important theme is friendship!!! which is given as much attention as the love story, particularly the MC’s friendship with his ex, who is his other best friend.

She also happens to be bi. Because WE GOT OUR LOVELY REP.

3 BouquetThe love story is best friends-lovers, w his childhood best friend who has returned from far away. And my heart which beats for friendship had so much hope. But it was thoroughly shattered because Nate’s friends are shockingly unfair and there is no justice for Nate, ever??????

He gets blamed for things that are 1000% not his fault.

Raven Cycle friendships have made my expectations impossibly high

3 BouquetAnd Nate and Ollie never really act like friends??? They fight/don’t communicating pretty much the entire book and that was disappointing because how can I ship them if all they do is ignore each other sullenly???

This story was more about Nate’s relationship with his ex girlfriend/best friend than his romance with Ollie. Nate and Ollie never really get to just BE in love.

3 BouquetBUT WE DO GET MENTAL HEALTH REP! This isn’t directly stated in the book but I think Nate is depressed. He has so many of the symptoms, anxiety, guilt, apathy, hopelessness, and mood swings. He reminded me of Ari from “Ari and Dante,” except he’s an Ari who’s muccchhh meaner to Dante.

I’m just going to say it.

Nate is really mean.

Nate says this to Ollie at one point. Because Nate doesn’t even care.

But he’s also very innocent and young, his experiences w sexuality seem real, actual things teens feel and go through, the awkwardness.

I think that Nate exploring that part of his identity is the only part that might come off as rom-com. Other than that this story was kind of not funny or romantic.

AND HIS NERDY MOVIE REFERENCES?????? I HAD CHILLS. Nate’s favorite film is the Princess Bride!!! So we also have “knowledgeable and commendable humans who appreciate Princess Bride” rep.

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Are you excited for this book?

What’s your favorite diverse read?

Have you ever read deaf/HoH rep (this was my first and it was a glorious experience imo)

- malanie


16 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW | This Is Kind of an Epic Love Story ft. SO MUCH REP I’M CRYING

  1. Winged Cynic says:

    “He reminded me of Ari from “Ari and Dante,” except he’s an Ari who’s muccchhh meaner to Dante.” haha I can imagine that! I haven’t read a book with deaf rep before, but it sounds so enlightening how this book went out of its way to describe ASL. Shame the romance aspect wasn’t as sweet as it could be though. Excellent review Malanie!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    Great review for this book Malanie, and it sounds like a good read as well although it’s a shame the relationship between Nate and Ollie wasn’t as well developed as you would have liked it to have been. I already love the sound of the references though (The Princess Bride is one of my favourite films though) and the diversity is definitely something to be commended. There’s so much in this one book and it seems like it was all incredibly well developed and written which is always a plus.
    Again great review. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Norrie says:

    Ha! I’m kinda interested. Don’t particularly like reading about mean people who are not actually evil supervillains but it seems there’s a lot going on in this one so it’s bound to be interesting 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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