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HELLO AND HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!! I have taken a long break and disappeared from the blogosphere, to start an unofficial but v organized Foxhole Court Exy team, to /////////binge Brooklyn Nine-Nine and get a driver’s license!!////////

Yes, I CAN FINALLY DRIVE A CAR! I know it’s taken me some time. yes, i’m in college. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? DRIVING IS HARD + STRESSFUL. However, we’re finally out on the roads and being successful.

But honestly I’m slightly more excited about my new Nine-Nine obsession. It’s very funny and focuses on friendship. FRIENDSHIP, MY FAVORITE THING????????? I remembered seeing this tag at Aimee’s blog, the original thing that inspired me to watch the show. And here we are today!

In sum, I can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s blogs + respond to your comments, i’m so sorry i’m a blogging failure pls don’t leave JSLKJDFLKSJ LSKDJFKLJDSLKFJLSDKJF


a character who lives to be the hero

Always Never Yours

Megan from Always Never Yours

Megan is always leaping into heroic situations, usually involving her friends’ romantic situations, to help them find True Love. And she’s always helpful because she’s a v good friend and I love Megan.

But her friends often don’t appreciate her? Which makes me want to rush to defend her. In conclusion, both Jake and Megan would understand the struggles of being a gorgeous hero that sometimes makes mistakes but they’re still cute. 

also, i’d wager my life on the fact that Megan, like Jake, enjoys being the little spoon.
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a character who empowers you

The Exact Opposite of Okay

Izzy from The Exact Opposite of Okay

Izzy was such an empowering character GOSH. She shamelessly enjoys sex, food, and being hilarious, & these usually aren’t things girls are encouraged to do. But Izzy is just,”SCREW THAT PATRIARCHAL STUFF.”

Both Izzy and Amy Santiago are special and empowering, they don’t care about gender roles at all and I’m DARN flustered with admiration

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an amazing diverse character

Image result for captain holt

The Foxhole Court (All for the Game, #1)

Andrew Minyard from The Foxhole Court

CAPTAIN HOLT!!!!!!!! I’m still overwhelmed from when Jake calls Captain, “Dad” without thinking, and Captain says, “do you think of me as a father figure???


Another one of my favorite gay characters is Andrew Minyard. He’s an incredible athlete and he adores Neil, even though sometimes he appears heartless, just like Captain sometimes appears to be a Vulcan

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a badass female character you’d hate to mess with

Image result for rosa diaz

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Tana from The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Yes, Tana is an idiot. Yes, she makes poor decisions. MAYBE, she’s a wannabe badass?? But you know what, Tana is loyal and she refuses to give up, which are two qualities I admire deeply. Plus, she’s not scared of any reasonably terrifying thing??? Which is stupid but ALSO what can you do to defeat her?

You can’t scare her, that’s for sure. So, overall I’d hate to mess with Tana because her completely illogical reasoning will always win in the end.

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an awkward, but oh-so-lovable character

The Kiss Quotient

Stella Lane from The Kiss Quotient

CHARLES! I understand Charles fundamentally, I think we would be best friends. And you know who reminds me of him, & I would ALSO be best friends with? STELLA LANE.

Stella is constantly finding herself in awkward situations, because it’s hard for her to understand social cues. She’s autistic and the rep is incredible and I LOVE HER SO MUCH. She’s smart, kind, always tries her best, and is so adorable. It’s painful how adorable I find her. She’s just so gentle and humble??????? And brilliant at the same time, which is always a bonus.

Charles is also sweet and lowkey smart (mostly about culinary arts) and I want to hug them both.

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the big guy who looks tough with a soft heart

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

Aiden from The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

I’m currently reading this one and let me just say, Aiden is a giant jerk. (A literal athletic giant). But I don’t think he understand the concept of,,,,,friendship? and selflessness,,,,,,But as the book progresses he’s slowly learning, which his soft heart is being revealed. he just needed a slow burn romance to help him learn *how to be a compassionate, sociable human*

(he’s learning how to be a “friend-friend” instead of a “work-friend.” CAN WE DISCUSS THAT EPISODE, IT WAS SO WHOLESOME. That episode poured me a warm cup of tea and kissed my nose.)

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a book or series on your TBR that has a massive fanbase

Image result for gina linetti

Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1)

The Infernal Devices

I still haven’t read Clockwork Angel!!!!! I didn’t like the Mortal Instruments series, but everyone says that doesn’t matter because THIS series is the master of all.

This series is so well-loved. I’m just a chronic mood-reader and I haven’t been ready for more Cassandra Clare in,,,,,,,six months. But I now own two copies from Christmas, because two people wanted me to have this book, so I’m especially motivated.

I’m ready for a *cringe* love triangle *cringe excessively hard*

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an iconic fictional duo

Radio Silence

Frances + Aled from Radio Silence

Over Christmas break I read Radio Silence (i finally did it!!!!!!!! please give me praise) & even though Aled is ASSHOLE FRIEND 2.0, I still think Frances + Aled are still an iconic duo. The entire book is about falling in love platonically, which is entirely underrepresented. also, I think it should be noted that I think Jake + Charles are a more iconic duo.

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the antagonist that steals the show


Sue from Fingersmith

In Fingersmith, one of the main characters, with a pov, is also the villain. So, by definition she steals the show as an antagonist. MY NERDY, EVIL HEART. I wish everyone would read this, with my entire heart, because the plot twists are SHOCKING??????????

I wanted to protest but also it was so ingeniously done. Though I had NO idea what was happening, at any time, everything makes so much sense when it happens.


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the antagonist you can’t help but love

The Weight of the Stars

Ryann from The Weight of the Stars

it’s no secret that K Ancrum is one of my FAVORITE AND MOST BELOVED authors to ever write a book, and she did it again with The Weight of the Stars. I read the arc, and it still hasn’t been published, but add this to your tbr right away.

Because *gets that crazed cars salesman look in my eye* Ryann is another main character who is also an antagonist (my favorite thing on this earth).

I’m technically abusing the term antagonist at this point. Because antagonist is technically the thing which opposes the protagonist, which is Ryann. BUT IN THIS STORY, RYANN OPPOSES RYANN. She’s also not exactly helpful to many of the other characters.

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Have you watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Do you have any other tv recommendations?

I need recs because I’m a soft, helpless newborn woodland animal with television. I just read so much, i don’t have time for anything else? for instance, eating vegetables or vacuuming my carpet. if i sound pretentious it’s because i am

I hope your year is going well so far c:



42 thoughts on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine Book Tag

  1. Louise@DragonspireUK says:

    Nine-Nine 😀 Charles is like the best friend ever and I want to adopt him! I love Rosa, and Holt is awesome!

    Oh man I could recommend TV all day! (I’m an insane fangirl xD) If you haven’t seen Gotham, watch it. I’m in love with it right now. The villains are epic, especially Penguin and Riddler, who are the most adorable relate-able bad guys ever! (And it’s not explicitly stated but I’m pretty sure Penguin is demi). Merlin is also good (but I think you saw that one?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • malanielovesfiction says:

      CHARLES IS SO SPECIAL & I also love Holt, he’s the world’s most loving + proudest dad to his smol nine-nine kids xD

      also I AM SO HAPPY, u have amazing tv recs bc we have v similar taste in books/tv & Merlin was one of the shows that forged our friendship!!!!!!! so it will always live in my heart. +++ I think I watched episode 1 of Gotham, but I stopped for some reason?? I think it was college related (I remember it as the Dark Ages Freshman Year) but now that you’ve said it’s amazing i want to catch up sldfkj

      (also WHAT!!!!!! PENGUIN IS DEMI REP????? I have never seen this rep on tv & i need to watch the show immediately)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Louise@DragonspireUK says:

        Exactly 🙂 I introduced my fiancee to the wonders of Nine-Nine and he loves it too, especially Holt, who I think is his favourite 😀

        Thanks 😀 I also watched episode one of Gotham and stopped! My mum convinced me to watch the rest and now I love it more than her 😛
        Yup, and it was so awesome to see a character I can relate to on TV, although sometimes I think I read too much into things in my hope for rep! I’m convinced he is though, because he never looks at anyone until he falls for his best friend (Which was my story too!) I live in the fandom rabbit hole for the show right now, because there’s tons of fanfic and art!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Sieran Lane says:

    Haha I loved your last crossed-out line. XD Wow what an interesting book tag! Maybe I should make a similar book tag but with the Animorphs gang. Hmm…

    I loved the Infernal Devices series, and especially adore Jem Carstairs. But I enjoy the Dark Artifices even more, haha. One of the MCs in the Dark Artifices is Kieran, that beautiful bisexual faerie prince who I half-named myself after, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • malanielovesfiction says:

      I just had to google the Animorphs, and now I’ve spent like 20 minutes on YouTube bc I REALLY LOVE IT SLKDFJ

      It’s so comforting & nice????? i would be v happy to see u do a tag with this show because i’m now a new fan c: c: c: c:

      also, I remember u mentioning Kieran the gorgeous bisexual faerie prince but I forgot it was this series??????? now i’m even more excited to read it & meet himmmmm ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sieran Lane says:

        ❤ !!! Unfortunately they cancelled the TV show later due to lack of popularity. 😦 But the Animorph books are still good. This tag is on my to-do list now!

        Yeah I don't believe I told you which book Kieran was from, haha. Can't wait to hear what you think! I still haven't read the last book, Queen of Air and Darkness, though, so don't spoil it for me if you finish it before I do. XD

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

    Oh my god this tag is definitely combining two of the things I love; because obviously I love reading and I really loved Brooklyn Nine-Nine (I was so upset when I heard it had been cancelled but at least it was picked up by another network. I can’t wait for the next season!)
    You’ve picked some great books for this tag Malanie. Izzy is definitely an empowering character. I loved reading her story and her voice in The Exact Opposite of Okay was so powerful at times. I feel that’s definitely a book I’m going to need to re-read one day. 🙂
    Also really glad to see a character from The Foxhole Court made it onto your list. As one of my new favourite trilogies I feel like it’ll be my go-to pick for tags in the near future! 😀
    Great post, and again great answers for this tag. Also happy new year! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • malanielovesfiction says:

      OMG BETH WE WERE MEANT TO BE BEST FRIENDS, i’m so happy u also love B99????? i just panicked when u mentioned it was cancelled, but then u said it was picked back up and I nearly fell over with happiness ❤


      + I'm so surprised bc not many other bloggers i talk to have read The Exact Opposite of Okay but it's such a quality book & Izzy is so lovable??? she deserves a giant following c: c:

      + it brings me eternal joy that u love TFC, it's honestly one of my highlights of 2018 bc u are the only person I convinced to read it +++++ you loved it. it just makes me so happy sldkfj

      Liked by 1 person

      • Beth (Reading Every Night) says:

        We really were, and honestly who doesn’t love Brooklyn Nine-Nine?! It’s one of those shows I will recommend to everyone and anyone. 😀 It wasn’t cancelled for long was it, but than again a show like that wouldn’t be I don’t think.
        It’s one of those books which deals with such an important subject too, so it definitely deserves more attention and hype. Oh yay, and honestly I’m just thankful you convinced me to pick it up, I really really loved it! 😀 ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Olivia Gennaro says:

    I ALSO binged B99 last summer and got a license!!! It’s great, and I’m so glad to find someone else who didn’t get a license until college. Still need to do this tag though…oh well. I also need to read Fingersmith!! I enjoyed one of her other books. Anyway I love your blog style!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Dezzy @ The Thoughtful Voice says:

    AAAHHHH MALANIE I LOVE B99 WITH ALL OF MY HEART!! i’m SO glad you’ve joined the fandom hehe – b99 is honestly the best 💙 who’s your favorite character?? (i love all of them, but my faves are jake, rosa, and holt) & this is such a great tag! 😍

    congrats on getting your driver’s license!! that’s such a great accomplishment and i’m so proud of you 😊 OH and i highly recommend the good place and one day at a time!! they’re two of my favorite shows (also, i talked about all of my favorite shows in my most recent post, haha) great post as always, mal 💖

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Brianna says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR MALANIE 🎉 and congrats on getting your drivers license! I got mine in college too -when I was 18 I think?- so you’re definitely not alone. And I’m still stressed about driving, like, at all times. IT IS NERVE WRACKING.

    Okay I’m honestly ashamed to admit I’ve never watched B99. Actually, I’ve seen a few episodes but I absolutely *need* to watch more. But anyway I am SO excited for you to read The Infernal Devices because that’s probably my fave series of all time and it’s just!!!! It’s so good!!!! I hope you love it💕💕

    And AHH I’m for sure going to read The Foxhole Court this year (I MUST) aaaand hopefully I’ll watch B99 at some point too lol. Great post & happy 2019!! 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    • malanielovesfiction says:

      AHHH TYSMMM BRIANNA 💜 driving is not fun at all and I just want to drive slowly? but other drivers beep their horns at me and it’s so CHAOTIC AND GOD FORSAKEN

      +++ sjjsjsjdjd I cant wait for u to watch more B99!!!!!!! the friendship between every single character is my favorite wholesome and soft, and Captain Ray Holt can have my soul

      except my soul has already been sold to tfc 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Michelle 🌈 says:

    YES BROOKLYN NINE NINE!! I love B99 so much I pretty much only rewatch B99 all the time??? It’s a problem except it’s not because it’s B99 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I do have some recs though! Namely The Good Place and One Day at a Time

    Liked by 1 person

  8. insidemylibrarymind says:

    Happy New Year Mal! ❤️ Congrats on getting your driving license ! I’ve been driving since I was 17, but I agree IT’S SO STRESSFUL?? Anyway, I adore this show and I LOVED your answers! I am so glad you liked The Wall of Winnipeg and Me, I am obsessed with Mariana Zapata books. Loved the post!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. meandinkblog says:

    Happy New Year!! Good luck on passing your driving test. I am still building myself up to getting in a car to drive– why is is so scary!!
    Brooklyn nine nine is one of my favourite shows ever– I keep rewatching it– it’s a vicious cycle.
    And combing it will books is heaven.
    I haven’t actually read any of the books you mentioned– I need to read more books out of the fantasy genre but you have given me some ideas. And I have been meaning to get to the foxhole court for a while now.
    Great post 💛💛
    I can’t think of any tv recommendations at the minute– b99 is the only one is my head at the minute 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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