Blog Tour: “The Veiled Threat” ft. sapphic pirates!

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I unfortunately couldn’t get into the writing style for this one, but I’m still glad & proud to promote it because………sapphic pirates!!!!!! this content existing in the world is beyond beautiful!!!!!!!

And I’d also like to note that my personal life has been hectic, so that element tremendously affected my ability to really relax and immerse myself into the story.

I recommend everyone give this book a try 🙂

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The Veiled Threat

by Sophia Menesini

↠↠ Genre: NA Fantasy
↠↠ Release Date: July 2019
↠↠ Tour Hosted by YA Bound Book Tours


The Veiled Threat (The Veiled Duchess #1)

Captain Shea Lara is the current leader of The Veiled Duchess. The most feared pirate ship in all of Neried. And now, after completing her former mentor’s final score, she’s retiring.

Everything seems to be coming to an end… Until a mysterious stranger drags her back into the fold with an offer for a score she can’t refuse. All she has to do is kidnap the crowned princess of the northern Queendom, Princess Joana of Arethusa.

The prize is just within reach. But sparks fly as the two women collide. And an obscured threat that could upturn Shea’s entire world storms on the horizon. She’ll face it alone unless she can allow herself the support she needs from old and new allies alike.

Something’s coming and Shea is at the center of it.

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Because all Jo wants is to press a kiss on those beautiful lips but instead, she pulls back
and smiles broadly.

“Thank goodness too or we’d both be tripping over ourselves.” And there goes that laugh
again and, oh yes; there is no way she’s letting this girl get away. Because now Jo has hope. In time she can even see herself marrying this wonderful girl and, with any luck, they’ll fall in love…

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what is your favorite f/f romance?
Have a great day!






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